# About Us

Our Story

LOSE Institute started | GAIN Kuwait launched its operations in May 2017 by offering its sports programs to clients.

Designed and created by experts from Beachbody in the US, these programs are a radical change in lifestyle, fitness and modern sports programs.

The idea of ​​the health institute is to train groups of participants in the form of classes, and each class consists of more than 10 participants.

All exercises are ground-based without the need for equipment, and the idea is to give the participant an integrated, fixed-term sports class, in which the participant performs muscle exercises based on body weight or hand weights (dumbbells), in addition to fitness, yoga and plating exercises.

All of our Beachbody certified Kuwaiti trainers are among the first in this region (GCC and Middle East) and work hard to make each participant work hard to reach the level of fitness and body they have always dreamed of.

Our Vision

Group 23455 Our Message

A healthy community and modern innovative sports with a unique family atmosphere.

Group 23452 Our Vision

Providing comprehensive sports care and high-quality cultural and community health activities with qualified national cadres to push society to a healthy life free of diseases and obesity.